A glimpse of my Adelaide in Festival mode

It’s not officially March, but March Madness has officially begun. Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival of the Arts, Womadelaide and a motor race all happening at once. Today I strolled through the Central Market on my way to an exhibition and spotted yummy foods and Fringe performers giving a taste of their upcoming show. I love…


Cornbread (and my dad)

In a few days it will be 15 years since my dad, Owen J. Tucker died. I think of him everyday. Today I made cornbread and was reminded of one of his ‘dad’ jokes. He was a mathematician and a funny guy. I can’t remember the joke, just the punchline ~ Pi (π) are round;…


A belated wish for 2014

Greetings from my desk, complete with my new fit ball/desk chair. The year 2014 and I have gotten off to a rocky start. Already we’ve had some ups and downs. Roo and I arrived home from our marvellous time in Argentina and Chile, documented here, on 30 December after a long flight. Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Adelaide. That’s 18…


Mañana, domani, tomorrow

Hello friends, readers and passers-by. From tomorrow, for the next 40 days, I will be travelling with my husband in Chile and Argentina. You’ll be able to follow us on a purpose-built blog called Mostly Patagonia. So pop on over and sign up for postcards from the end of the world! We’ll see you back…


Rotoli rules

Handmade pasta sheets of Pangkarra wholegrain durum, lovingly wrapped around roasted butternut pumpkin, cooked spinach and crumbled feta, then nestled in a pan of tomato sugo. Baked 30 minutes. Eaten with gusto! Published via Pressgram


Perfect Pasta

The finished product of our first batch of homemade pasta has been a great success. We used Pangkarra wholegrain durum flour from the Clare Valley in South Australia. The Silver Spoon Cookbook is a wonderful source of everything Italian and the recipe worked a treat. I’ll be keeping my new pasta machine! Published via Pressgram